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chronology: 1965-1976  

The department undergoes significant change as evolves into a Division of the School of Education, and eventually into a distinct school. Enrollment peaks as more than 300 I.A. students graduate in a four-year period. By 1974, a majority of I.A. graduates go directly into industry, and a separate department is formed to accommodate this growing interest.

1965-66 to 1975-76: an average of over 57 graduates per year (includes those who do not become certified to teach).

1967: New I.A. program signals a shift toward a technology-based curriculum. New requirements include courses in Fundamentals of Design, Transportation and Aerospace, and Automation and Cybernetics.

1968: "Long-range proposal for a reorganization of the Industrial Education Department" submitted on December 9 by the department to CCSC vice president Jestin. The plan would expand the department into school or division of Industrial Technology with three departments: Industrial Arts, Education for Industry, and Vocational-Technical Education.

1969: Revolutionary "new Four-Year Curriculum in Industrial Arts," a further expansion of the 1967 program, is unveiled. It will be in effect (with occasional changes) for more than twenty years.

1969: The I.A. department is expanded to become the Division of Technology, with Dr. Duffy as Director. This is part of a major reorganization of the college.

1972: Dr. Wenger retires; Dr. Robert H. Thompson becomes department chair

1975: Largest graduating class ever: 87 B.S. degrees in Industrial Arts are awarded. Only 37 (43%) choose to go directly into teaching.

Faculty appointed from 1965 to 1976:

Joseph W. Duffy (1965 - 1969) • obituary

• Director / Dean of Technology, 1969 - 1989)

Robert H. Thompson (appointed 1966; joined IT* faculty in 1981) • obituary

John Y. Chow (appointed 1966)

John C. Larkin (1967 - 2003)

William D. Chatfield (1968 - 1976)

George Barnhardt (appointed 1968)

Joseph J. Mack (appointed 1968; joined the IT faculty in 1981)

Andrew W. Baron (appointed 1969; joined IT faculty, 1976)

William W. Davison (appointed 1969; joined IT faculty, 1981)

Michael J. Williams (1970 - 2003)

Peter J. Vernesoni (1971 - 2003; sometime member of IT faculty)

George Ku (appointed 1972; later joined IT faculty)

Peter A. Rodrigues (1972 - 2003)

*CCSU Industrial Technology department.