Lois Coffey Mossman

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From about 1993 to 1996, I spent a fair amount of time researching Lois Coffey Mossman. Below are some resources which may be useful to those researching Mossman:


  • Who was Lois Coffey Mossman? A brief overview.

  • An incomplete list of Mossman's publications.

  • A chronology of Lois Mossman's life.

  • Excerpts from William H. Kilpatrick's diaries related to Mossman or to Frederick G. Bonser.


    Off-site Articles

  • Reclaiming the Voices of Female and Elementary School Educators in Technology Education (Zuga)

  • The Founders of Industrial Arts in the US (Foster)  pdf   |   html

  • Industrial Arts/Technology Education as a Social Study: The Original Intent? pdf  |   html